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social media campaign ideas

5 Social Media Campaign Ideas

January 14, 2018 | Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Tips | by Cyber Bytes

Photo Competition – Photo contests are a great medium to engage your customers that follow your social media accounts. Select a platform that allows users to upload and share photos. Then have a way for the clients to submit pictures of themselves using your product or in another way supporting your small business. Photo contests […]

instagram marketing tips

Instagram Marketing: 5 Tips for Car Dealers

December 28, 2017 | Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Tips | by Cyber Bytes

Tip 1: Combine Photos and Videos Consider a video will generate 3 times more than text, adding video in addition to images is a great Instagram hack that can deliver you great results. Video brings visual story-telling to life and enhances the visual experience of your potential customers. Tip 2: Add a Call-To-Action to your […]

Personal Branding

Brand Yourself and Increase Sales

February 26, 2016 | Internet Marketing, Small Business, Social Media Marketing | by Cyber Bytes

Social Media and Online Marketing is BIG. How do you standout from John Doe down the street? If you are in any sales industry, whether it be automotive sales, boat sales, home sales and so forth you NEED to standout! There are thousands of salesmen in the United States, all waiting to get the next […]

Social Media Marketing

Social Media: More than #hashtags

February 19, 2016 | Internet Marketing, Small Business, Social Media Marketing | by Cyber Bytes

Facebook and Twitter are creative platforms on Social Media that not only express your brand, but it is also a way of communication. There is more than simply sharing your thoughts in 140 characters or less with Twitter. There is more to Instagram than posting photos. And there is more to Facebook than just posting […]


Auto Dealers: Why You Need Localized Content

April 8, 2015 | Internet Marketing, Small Business | by Cyber Bytes

It’s ironic that the majority of automotive dealers don’t use social media like they should. If an automotive dealer utilizes the right strategies and truly promotes concepts on social media it will help sell more cars, the branding will happen as a result. Branding is a side effect of great social media, not a goal […]

SEO – Dash vs Underscore

April 6, 2015 | Internet Marketing, Tips | by Cyber Bytes

Your probably wondering whether you should use a dash versus an underscore in URLs for SEO? I recently helped a client change his web site URLs from ‘keyword1_keyword2’ to ‘keyword1-keyword2’. Why did we do this? Because according to Google – they recommend using dashes, this is really important for SEO purposes. If you have a […]