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Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers

Car shoppers are turning to their mobile phones for real-time advice and research. Auto dealers need to increase their online presence more than ever. When it comes to car shopping, social media is one of the top picks that shoppers will visit to read reviews from other customers and find the latest deal on the car they are interested in.

Social media marketing can help your dealership identify a target audience and improve your overall sales funnel. Social media plays a very important role in the online marketing process to drive those auto shoppers to purchase. In fact, 83% are on Facebook, and 24% use Facebook as a resource for purchasing a prior vehicle. It ranks more important that a dealer’s website when consumers choose a dealer to visit. 75% of car buyers say social media and review sites were key in helping them select a car dealer, and 66% who have seen a Facebook ad have clicked on it.

FACT: Auto ad clicks have two times higher click-through rates (CTR) than the average Facebook ad.

Facebook ads offer endless possibilities to target your campaigns to a very specific audience. Now you can build based on the hobbies, auto models, and auto brands that your target audience is looking for. Make sure to also pay attention to your Google Analytics data to better understand the behavior of your users of your particular market.

FACT: At 4.21%, brand engagement rates are highest on Instagram.

Partnering with influencer bloggers or athletes can be an effective way to target a niche audience and a way to define your brand’s identity. Telling your story through top Instagrammers is one of the best ways to reach a bigger and a more targeted audience. However, for those who doesn’t have the budget to hire one of these influencers, there are other ways to promote your cars on Instagram. Encourage your users to tell their story, like BMW did with their campaign, #BMWStories. A more user-generated strategy works well to engage with your main users.

FACT: 69% of people who used YouTube while shopping for a car were more influenced by it than magazines, TV, or newspapers.

Posting videos on YouTube will help with your brand’s visibility. Also, optimizing your description for each video will play an important role in your search marketing strategy. Remember that videos that succeed in YouTube are short, creative, and relevant. Your users don’t want to see a TV ad; they want to see unique content that talks to them and that they can relate to.

Monitoring your social reviews and addressing each of them accordingly is key to ensuring that all your customers are being listened to and assisted properly. Social reviews will give you an opportunity to collect the sentiment that your users have for your brand and react accordingly. Commenting, liking, and sharing your follower’s social media posts will be key to keep growing your community of engaged followers. A good way to boost your follower’s engagement is to run a contest or a promotion. Reward your social media followers once in awhile.

To learn how to get started on the social media journey for your car dealership, drop me a line here.