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5 Social Media Campaign Ideas

January 14, 2018, by Cyber Bytes, category Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Tips

social media campaign ideas

  • Photo Competition – Photo contests are a great medium to engage your customers that follow your social media accounts. Select a platform that allows users to upload and share photos. Then have a way for the clients to submit pictures of themselves using your product or in another way supporting your small business. Photo contests work best on sites such as Twitter and Instagram through a hashtag or on Facebook albums.
  • Social Challenges – The most famous example would be the Ice Bucket Challenge that was started by ALS association. The idea was to get people film themselves when they dumped buckets of ice over their heads and calling out their friends to do the same. The campaign was used to help raise awareness about ALS. Challenges like this can boost the chances of your drive going viral!
  • Refer A Friend – Build and accelerate your growth with a Refer A Friend campaign. Users can invite their friends to sign up. Jennifer Warriner (Cyber Bytes) can help you give every customer their own referral link and let them invite their friends & colleagues. When the invitee signs-up, they both get rewarded. Reward them with product currency (like Dropbox does with more storage space), merchandise, credits or even a special offer.
  • Reaction Campaigns – On Facebook, it’s easy to use the reactions feature to increase engagement with your followers. For example, post your stance on a topic or ask a question and request your customers to give their input. Customers can respond with emojis or quick alternative reactions.
  • Live Stream – Live streaming is among the least used social media business ideas among small businesses. It’s possible to share updates of an event or host events you could be sponsoring using social media. PetSmart for example, used Facebook Live to air from adoption and charitable events.

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