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Creating Your Own Social Videos for Sales and Events

March 3, 2016, by Cyber Bytes, category Internet Marketing, Small Business, Social Media Marketing, Tips

One method to showcase your product or service is by creating a social video. These can live on a YouTube channel or directly uploaded to Facebook or Instagram.

They do not need to be high production quality, a phone or basic digital camcorder would work just fine. Most people are used to interacting with videos that are created via smartphones. Here are some helpful tips to follow when creating a social video for you or your business:

  1. Start with a Plan of Action: Create a brief script, test different backgrounds for the shot.
  2. Keep it short and simple: You will most likely be filming the video in one take, so aim for it to be
    around one minute to keep your audience engaged.
  3. Before filming, try a few trial runs: Make sure you and the person filming are comfortable.
  4. Action! It’s always best if you have a video camera on hand, but if not, a smartphone camera will work
    just fine.

When filming:

  • Hold your phone horizontally to film
  • Make sure your subject speaks lound and clear so it pick’s up everything your saying
  • To keep a steady shot, use a stand, table or some sort of mount at the appropriate level of the subject.
  • You can use both hands to grip the phone, keeping elbows close to your body for stability.

5. Time to upload: Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are the ones we prefer to upload to. Make sure to
share your video across multiple channels. Don’t just keep it to one. Share it on everything you employ.

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