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Jennifer Warriner

Social Media: More than #hashtags

February 19, 2016, by Cyber Bytes, category Internet Marketing, Small Business, Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Twitter are creative platforms on Social Media that not only express your brand, but it is also a way of communication. There is more than simply sharing your thoughts in 140 characters or less with Twitter. There is more to Instagram than posting photos. And there is more to Facebook than just posting status updates with #hashtags.

I used to use these online marketing outlets just like everyone else. It was fun to share parts of my life through photos and tweets BUT this is only part of telling your story to your followers. Over the past 16 years I have gained experience with being responsible for a handful of different small businesses social media accounts. From simple creation of promotional videos for Cecil Clark Chevrolet to working with an internal PR department to help compile content that can be shared for the month for KEL Attorneys / KEL Real Estate.

A social media presence and creating engagement is not always an easy task. Social media is a way to promote and communicate to the community. Your return on investment ranges from more sign-up, increased traffic to your business or simple brand awareness.

If you are interested in having Jennifer Warriner (Cyber Bytes) help you with your Social Media Marketing efforts, please give her a call (407) 494-HTML (4865) or send her an email on the contact page.

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