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Jennifer Warriner

Brand Yourself and Increase Sales

February 26, 2016, by Cyber Bytes, category Internet Marketing, Small Business, Social Media Marketing

Personal BrandingSocial Media and Online Marketing is BIG. How do you standout from John Doe down the street? If you are in any sales industry, whether it be automotive sales, boat sales, home sales and so forth you NEED to standout!

There are thousands of salesmen in the United States, all waiting to get the next customer. A self-motivated salesman actively sharpens their tactics with a variety of books, classes and tutorials. Although these are all great ways to increase your bottom line, many neglect a very useful asset, YOU!

When properly executed, personal branding can help give you the edge to boost your sales. Whether you are in a Car dealership, Boat Dealership, or even Home Sales, you should spare no expense to push your product to the front with both marketing and brand reinforcement. Take note from your employer and drive your marketing efforts one step further with PERSONAL BRANDING.

Cyber Bytes makes it simple to stand out from the other guys.

Some examples include:

  • A Custom Facebook Page that is visually consistent with your brand. Get into the network of your customer’s friends, family, and coworkers.
  • A Custom Logo that is name centric. Make them remember you!
  • A Custom Business Card that merges you and the dealership
  • Custom Direct Mailers, Thank You cards, or even car/window graphics to drive your message even further
  • Link your print and digital marketing together with a QR code
  • A Custom Website that serves as a hub for you to promote your own Specials, Manufacturer Incentives and more!

If you want customers to walk on to your business’ lot and ask for you by name, then give personal branding a try. Contact Jennifer for more details.

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